Why is Star_of_darkness so rude?

Its like she is spend most of her time on here fussing with teens.she always tells them they need a good smacking.


Cause she's a sociopathic child hating animal hating bint that's why. She's best ignored she probably had a crap childhood her parents probably spanked her so she thinks it's normal. She's just a sociopathic American troll.

madalyn: bro you should get a juul >

bro you should get a juul >:)))))))))))


I suspect she has narcissistic personality disorder and/or dementia. She refuses to ever admit she is wrong, even when it can be proven that she is *, and is adamant about things that really do not matter in her life. She frequently misspells words, and appears to have the mentality of a child. Based on her very outdated viewpoints, like that spanking is the answer to EVERYTHING, I suspect that she is over the age of 60. Being “rude” is the least of her problems. I truly believe she suffers from serious mental illnesses, and needs to be committed to a mental institution or group home before she becomes a danger to herself or others. * Example: She insists that minors, even ones as old as 16-17 are unable to fly alone, even with parental permission, even though I flew alone at the age of 15 WITHOUT parental permission. Some airlines even let kids as young as 5 fly alone with their unaccompanied minor programs, but teenagers can definitely fly alone - and that can be proven with links to airline websites.