My girlfriend and I just started using birth control pills but have always used condoms. We are young teens, so are STDs more likely?



You're young teens. Have you ever had sex with other people? If not, you are both highly unlikely to have an STD.

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not unless sex with others takes place


Only if he has an STD. Maybe you should get him checked first?


Not if you’re also using condoms


STD’s become increasingly likely the more people you have sex with. If you have sex with someone, keep in mind tou are having sex with everyone they’ve ever had sex with


If you don't have an STD - then you can't give her an STD. If she doesn't have an STD - then she can't give you an STD. STD's do not happen from having sex. You catch an STD by having sex with someone who already has an STD. Just being young teens doesn't make STD's more likely unless you are having sex with lots of different people - then you would be increasing the risks that one of those other people would give you an STD.


Only if you are having sex with other people. STDs don't just magically appear. If you are both clean to start with and don't mess around with other people, then it's very unlikely you would get one.


If neither of you have an STD and you dont sleep with someone who has an STD, then chances are, you probably wont get a STD