Is it cool for a 13 Year old girl to go out an date a 14 Year old boy?

Is the 13 Year old girl too young for the 14 Year old boy? They're in the same grade btw.


Yeah, that's fine. 15? Not so sure about that


Really too young for dating, dating leads to sex


most probably too young. if they r not looking for a serious rltship that ends in marriage, they r too young and doing no purpose things.

John P

On a date is fine, except to say that I get the impression that in the USA "date" includes sexual activity. That would be a very bad idea, and against the law.


The 13 year old is too young to date, period.


Define “cool”. It’s never been a very clear term


Totally dope . . . . at ur age, the bigger the age difference you can get, the badder your rep!


As a parent view, morals should be taught before a pre-teen girl starts dating a pre-teen boy. At this age, the 13 and 14 year old should be hanging out with friends and making friends. It should be their focus due to the age group. At this age, children should be focusing on making friends and how to understand friendships. Having a lot of friends is a good focus because it will help them mature socially with one another as opposed to always hanging out with the same person. It builds good self esteem to have many friends and to know a lot of peers. The more friends hanging out the better. Nicole, Crisis Counselor.


Wow he is a pedo! 13 and 14 is such a catastrophically huge age difference. It’s like a toddler dating a senior citizen.