What too do when you got your phone taken away?

im a 13 year old girl and was being a dumbass and got my phone taken away for something stupid. i get why i got it taken away but i think a month is a little too much? like maybe a week or two but damn ok. anyways i dont want to argue with my parents so what are somethings i can do? im really bored and can only get on my laptop for 'studying' and 'homework' but bitches imma a's and b students. okay sorry for the rant but pleasee help :)


I didn't have a phone until I was 43 years old. You'll be fine.


Read. Draw. Exercise. Learn origami. Rearrange your room. Heck, annoy your parents and go all Marie Kondo on your house.


Act really well behaved for 2 weeks then show them that you have changed ur behavior and show them you are sorry for what you did. be mature about it


Do housework. Find out if you can start babysitting in the neighborhood. Take up an instrument. Ask your folks if they can start teaching you how to cook if they haven't already done so.


Just go to the store and buy another one. Get one with that uses pre paid minutes cards so you don’t have to sign any contracts. It might not have all the bells and whistles as your usual phone but at least you can contact people.


Bake or cook


That seems like a fair enough punishment if the thing you done was that bad

John P

Remember the good times when nobody had a mobile phone of any sort. Not so long ago, really - in your parents' lifetimes.


You'll live. What's your plan with our answers anyway? To run to your parents and say "But a bunch of random strangers online said a month is too looooooong, Mommy!!"? Because that'll only prove they're right. Which has been proving by this whining post anyway.


Write your friends letters. You'll be surprised how much fun it can be, and if they play along, you can chat back and forth- but you tend to be more careful about what you say, which is actually a good exercise, both ins self control and in how you treat a friend. A letter should get there in a day. Try it. You might also read some books. Check this out: https://www.amightygirl.com/ Show your mom this website, and ask if you can get some books out of the library or order them. reading is a great way to escape, and this site has some wonderful books. Read some cookbooks. Try out a few recipes- offer to cook dinner for your family. That could be a really great experience, and you might really like it. Ask your mom about when she was your age. Write some of the stories down, so you have them. I'll bet your parents could both tell you some good ones about stuff they did, and chances are good they didn't even have cell phones. We all had to pass notes, use a pay phone or run home and call each other- and we only had phones at home!If we were punished, we got grounded,meaning we couldn't go anywhere but home. We couldn't just use the phone and text back and forth- everything was in person or on the home phone. It's amazing we lived!


Read a book. Clean your room. That will take 2 weeks.