How do I punish my 16 year old son ?

Well today I’m not sure what happened to him but the principal called me and told me that he punched several students for trying to sit with him at lunch. He’s broken other kids pencils on purpose. He pulled the fire alarm while he screamed fire !!! He draws disgusting pictures on the bathroom stall walls. He’s also got caught sniffing glue in class to get High and the teacher had to take it away from him. One day when there was a substitute in his class he kept making armpit fart noises and everyone started to laugh and then he threw an apple at the substitute and ran out of the room and threw a huge temper tantrum in the hallway. What’s wrong with him ?


There's nothing wrong with him, because he doesn't exist. Give it up, troll. For over 3 years you've been telling us that your 16-year-old son has gotten expelled from high school. According to your past tales, he's tried to set the school on fire, beat up the principal, and tried to rape a teacher - among other things. Oh! .. and he's also been 16 years old for the last 3 years.


why are you cúnts taking this seriously.?


talk to him for hours, find out all his reasons, and teach him what is right or wrong tell him about God, the bible. punish him, take away his things and leave him house bound


I have a strong feeling that he might be severily autistic.


One of you badly needs a therapist.


ADHD I'm guessing


touch him.


try drug testing him and I think youll find your answer I was that way last year at school and everything aggravated me but try testing him and if its weed thn b alarmed bc theres no safe weed that shits all laced with hella scary stuff like I got some that was laced with meth and other stuff and it gets you hooked hella hard try a 10 panel pee test make sure that u watch him pee tho bc theyre easy to trip with like fake pee or I used to even dip it in the toilet also make sure the temperature is correct

Jay: See if any of these guides help: https

See if any of these guides help:


It sounds like you are concern about your son’s behaviors and this is very stressful on you as well as experiencing emotional stress for you and your son. Is there someone that you can reach out to in regards to support and getting help for your son? Sometimes it can help him talk to someone and ask him about what he is going through. Please know that there are people who can and will help your son with your son’s current concerns, such as a therapist or even going to a psychiatrist to have a mental health evaluation done. Let him know that you are there to give support and help him talk about coping skills such as deep breathing, listening to music, watch a favorite show, some type of distraction to help her redirect her thoughts. You can also share this information with your son about seeking mental health services due to his behaviors. It is best to talk about it as soon as possible, do not let it be too late. Keeping your son safe is important and it is a concern. There are also several hotlines available to help in any situations like this one! Please search them online. Also, Share this information with your son and have him call the hotline and reach out. Good luck, NK, Counselor

Warren G

hes a bully