My mom is restricting my iPhone. How can I convince her not to so I can make good memories from it?


John P

"Good memories" as in photographs? Buy a cheap digital camera.


How do you "make good memories" using an iPhone?


How about you go out and experience life instead of trying to "make good memories"? Nobody ever actually made good memories trying to, much less ever made good memories trying to document themselves trying to. Your mom's probably restricted your iPhone so that you will learn to go out and live, not go out and document. Incidentally, you're not trying to make good memories. You're trying to make people jealous. You're trying to create an illusion on social media that you're living your best life. You're not living your best life constantly interrupting living to take a selfie. With that, all you're doing is playing keeping up with the Joneses by trying to out-social media everyone else.


IPhone = I Sheep, too controlling, get an android phone


Did you read the latest article from Gates and other 'electronic' giants? They ALL restrict their children to just 30-mintues a day using any electronic device. The rest of the time; they MUST be outside enjoying nature.


You don't.


Mom knows best. She's doing it for a reason as you probably know.


How old are you? How is she restricting it?