Why is my mom so strict ?

I have this guy friend and I know him very well. He invited me to spend the night with him at his house. But my mom won’t let me. She said something bad might happen and it’s not safe. I’m 18 and I think It’s a little unfair. He’s 21 and he’s very nice, sweet, and outgoing and funny. Does anyone else have this problem?


Because she loves you. Yes everyone who had parents who cared about them has been in the same position as you. However, when you go away to college, you can make this choice when ever you want.

Oh Boy!

It's totally fair. She's not strict, she doesn't want to be a grandmother so soon, and doesn't want you to be a parent before you finish school


So hey, move out and support yourself. Then you can sleep around with whoever you want, whenever you want.

Suzy Q

Exactly WHY would you spend the night with him? To have sex? To get too drunk to make it home? Since you're 18 I wouldn't stop you in spite of my misgivings. But I do wonder whether you are incredibly naïve or just playing innocent.


Is common sense a thing anymore?


lol. a guy friend wont invite u over to spend the night. he wants more from you. your mom is right!!! stay away...u have no business as a young girl going to a guys house who has no good intentions in the long run




Yôur môm does not want you to becôme pregnant while you are still so young try saving up to move out ASAP.


Hey check this link out. Part 3 talks about getting along with your parents: https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/teen-questions/#?insight[search_id]=6a7ef607-5152-4804-888b-fcc271136898&insight[search_result_index]=2


My mother wouldn't have allowed. Nor my father.


That's horrifying. And he's 21???? Run.


It sounds like your mom is protecting you from having sexual relations with your male friend who is 21 and you are 18 so that could be an age consent legal issue or it can be considered a statutory rape in your state; it depends the legal laws in your state. Find out more information about this subject. Better to prevent then later regret it. Talk to your mom why she is not in the same page as you are. Nicole, Crisis Counselor