I'm a boy, but I don't have a bulge in my crotch. Do people think I'm a girl?

I am in PE and also swimming in school. We have to change into athletic wear for PE and I have to wear a speedo in swimming. So people see me all the time wearing briefs and swim briefs/a speedo. I look like the pictures. I have my parts down there but it's both pretty small and like...attached real low on my groin area, which makes it naturally go down between my legs. There's a pouch on my briefs for my wiener to go in, but my stuff doesn't go into it so it's just left there empty, baggy and loose. It looks just like the girl wearing a brief on the top pic. It just looks like I don't have the parts to fill it up. The speedo's tight, and with shrinkage from the water and the tightness squishing my weenie down more everything is just left fully smooth and flat. I look completely empty down there, just like the girl wearing a speedo on the bottom. She doesn't have a thing and we look the same, no bulge. I have a crotch that looks the same as the girl's in swimming. Please tell me, if you saw a boy who looked like those pictures down there, what would you think? Probably that I don't have a dick?


Well...probably because both pictures are of girls...you can see the navel piercing on the top picutre

retired old sarge

because your a trolling faggggot and have it pulled back to try to look like nothing is there.. Now stop trolling..


Try walking into the girl's changing room and see what happens.


You don't have a "bulge" in your crotch because you're a very young, physically immature teenage boy and your "junk" hasn't yet grown large enough to cause a bulge.


how am i supposed to know


Relax, once you hit puberty it will grow