Me and my sister want to run away, we live in Swindon UK, where do we go? Who do we call? Can anyone help?


David S

That you use the words "run away" indicates to me that you are young and immature and this whole idea is a fantasy. People leave home to take up employment or a university place. Under other circumstances the outside world is going to be a cold, unwelcoming and possibly dangerous place

LadyMerton: the Samaritans for one https

the Samaritans for one


Not sure why you think running away will make anything better, all it will do is cause lots of trouble for you, your sister, the police, your parents and cost thr tax payer money because of your childish behaviour....... Stay where you are and phone childline, it is free and doesn't show on the phone bill and talk to someone who will help you realise that running away is a stupid and childish thing to do


Don't run away, that would be stupid. If you are being ill treated at home, then contact the Samaritans.


I assume you're children. Which means that running away would be really stupid and unsafe. If your home conditions are unsuitable, speak to your local council's social services department, and they'll look at taking you into care or the foster system. You may not find this an improvement.