Im 25 and I never experienced having acne or any facial outburst during my teens or later on like many do during that age, why?

Is it because im black i’ve noticed that many blacks dont get such things.. it has remained smooth throughout my life.

John P

You were lucky, as was I , a middle-class white male in southern England. I saw that some of my friends (note "some", not all) had bad acne I n their teens.


Same but i’m filipino, my skin has always been really clear, i could never relate to my friends with acne or pimples, still can’t. Maybe i’ll get it way later


Black individuals aren't significantly less likely to develop acne, but they may get it a little later (later teens and early 20s, as opposed to early to mid teens). If you've never had it then it's probably just from being lucky in the genes department. I'm white but I've never really had much issue with acne, either, and I've never used any special cleansers or anything on my skin. Mostly just plain water and a washcloth. My husband on the other hand is 40 and even at his age has to use several different products to keep his skin under control.