My husband will be going to see his brother out of town and I’m not able to go since I have some things to do but he might have to spend the?

Night at his place and my brother in laws wife is always flirty and touchy and that really bugs the crap out of me because in no way I behave like that with anybody’s spouse it’s just not okay any advice i will be talking to him


If you trust your husband then why is this an issue? If you have to "talk to him" to remind him to keep it in his pants, then why are you with him in the first place? Wouldn't it be much easier to find a man you don't have to babysit?


I doubt your husband is going to have sex with his brothers wife in his brother's house while visiting his brother.


You actually think your husband might do something inappropriate with his brother's wife?!? You do realize how ****** up that is, don't you?


Then I guess you're lucky you won't be there. The bottom line is that either you trust your husband or you don't. Chances are he finds it as embarrassing as you find it annoying.


Butt out. There is no need to talk to anyone about this, especially not your brother-in-law. Your husband is a grown up and doesn't need you pretending to be his mommy. If you think your husband would actually schtoop his brother's wife in his brother's house and ruin both marriages and his relationship with his brother, then "talking" isn't going to solve anything. You might as well just file for divorce.


"Talking" to your husband about a flirty sister-in-law will just let everyone know how insecure you are. You need to trust your husband and be an adult. So she's a flirt--so what? That doesn't mean your husband is going to flirt back. In fact, he will probably be embarrassed if she does flirt with him, or else he will be annoyed. He is going to visit his brother, so let him go and spend the night. You don't have to watch him every minute like he's a two-year old. Quit being jealous and grow up.


You can't be in control of everyone and their behaviors. Leave it be. You either trust and believe in your husband or you don't. Which you might not because the notion that you can't trust him unless you're at his side to monitor and correct your SIL's behaviors really isn't about her!


since that is his sister in law - you need to breathe, and let it go It bugs me when someone is touchy feely as well - but I don't think she means anything by it - if she is like that with everyone (or all men) - let it go you could let your hubs know to be aware of it for your sake


Just tell him how you feel. Better to have everything out in the open.


Change your schedule anf go with him or ask your husband to stop it. You will go together with him on anther day.


Explain your concern and enlist his cooperation to ensure nothing inappropriate occurs.


Don't talk to him. If you do, he'll think you don't trust him and be flirty back just to get back at you.


Make time and go with him if it really bothers you that much.


Just make sure he knows that if you FaceTime/video chat him, that he needs to pick up immediately no matter what, within 30 seconds and drop everything he’s doing. No exceptions. Tell him if he doesn’t do this you’ll 100% assume he’s cheating end of story and you’ll either cheatback secretly or file for divorce Sometimes you gotta go hardball