Should I move out of my state, I need to get away from my parents?

They're suffocating me with their over-controlling nature

Aizen 2028

If you live in a big state like those out west, you can still be hundreds of miles away from your parents.


First question, how old are you? Second, your parents have rules set in place for a reason. I hated living with my parents as a teenager, and wanted to leave as soon as I could, but that's also because I didn't want to follow the rules that they set in place. Every kid goes through this phase where they want to rebel and be on their own. The fact that you had to go online and ask this to total strangers tells me that you're not ready to make this kind of decision on your own and you need to stay with your parents until YOU are financially able to move out on your own be responsible to take care of yourself. I didn't move out of my parents place until I was 20, and even then I ended up moving back in with them because stuff happened that I didn't plan for. Although I was over 18, I followed some of the rules only because I was an adult. Once you're 18 the choice is yours to move out on your own, or you can sit down with your parents and talk about having less strict rules.


...........yet you have to ask total strangers to make that decision for you. Sounds like your parents know what they're doing.


Yes best thing to do


Yes. Move away.

Nekkid Truth!

You can when you turn 18


That s one way to do it. Just make sure to move somewhere you can find a job and can afford to live.


Grow a nutsack and tell them to f off