I was put up for adoption when I was 3 and now I am middle-aged and want to find my biological older. How can I do this?



In what state were you adopted? Some states have opened adoption records, and it would be as easy as requesting your original birth certificate. If you live in a closed records state, you might consider submitting your DNA to ancestry.com or 23andme.com. I found my previously unfindable original father through cousin matches at ancestry.com.


Contact the state where you were put up for adoption. Ask for information. If you know the agency, you can ask them but, there were a lot of black market adoptions, kidnappings and kids illegally adopted so, there may or may not be information available. If you can get information out of the people you call your parents, find out all you can, and ask your aunts and uncles too. Someone knows something.


first, contact the adoption agency that handled you adoption & see if your real parents left an 'OK to contact' note

Common Sense

Go to your parents and find out where you were adopted. An original birth certificate should be in the adoption records, showing who your biological parents are, which could lead you to your older sibling. Many adopted people and their parents are getting their DNA tested and find out they have close blood matches, which means they have relatives they may not know about. So, if you don't mind your DNA being out there, get tested.


It depends on where and when. In every State you can petition if it's for a medical purpose. Or hire a genealogist and provide the info you have.