I was reading adult adoption is legal in Japan how would I put myself up for adoption to a japanese family?



That particular law isnt exactly what you think it is and not exactly related to an actual adoption. Traditionally in Japan if a man married into, for example, a rich womans family and he entered the wife's family business, they may adopt him so that he can change his last name legally on the family registration and there by keeping the wife's family name for him and their children. This is usually why the law exists. You still have to pay tax etc and there arent that many special benefits. Just because you are adopted as an adult doesnt mean that they legally have any pressure to support you financially. I dont know you age but I am guessing you are an adult. Your chances are pretty much zero I'm sorry to say. (I teach Japanese Lawyers English here in Japan).


Adult adoption is legal in the United States as well. With adult adoption, you don't put yourself up for adoption. The most common type is step parent adoption, or what we did with our oldest daughter who became part of our family as a teenager. We adopted her after she became an adult, and could consent to her own adoption.

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It may be legal but it's rare. People don't like adopting because of how the laws connect children to their mothers and families.

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https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/japanese-adoption-rates-majority-adult-men-a7524301.html Interesting, but it seems like it's mostly hardworking Japanese male employees that are being adopted by their bosses.

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i would talk to a lawyer about it


The adoptor petitions to adopt the adoptee.