I’m pregnant at 18 and don’t know what to do?

I got pregnant two months ago. My parents are divorced. My mom wants me to get an abortion. My dad wants to adopt the baby and raise him/her as his own bc my mom and him struggled with infertility. He’s always wanted another baby and I’d love to give it to him. I want him/her but I’m not ready. I don’t have a job, the baby daddy broke up with me (says he doesn’t want a baby) and I still have two years of high school. Should I let my dad adopt my baby?


Move in with your dad and let him help with the baby. You can decide later on if you want to do a formal adoption.


If it was me i would give it to my father to raise my baby instead of dealing with abortion ans if you decide to keep the baby there are programs that may help.


If you feel he can raise the child then you should.


Heck yes.


When your child may be around 10 months old when he/she starts to react to you and smile at you making you his/ her favorite person, you would realize how foolish the idea of abortion would have been Suppose you decided to have kids later on in your life and that child begins to behave as I mentioned above, you will regret your MISTAKE OF ABORTION which has happen earlier in your life and that regret won't go, believe me! Don't do a thing which you will have to regret at later stage in your life, your hardships now will ultimately end with time Move with your dad, He will take care both of you


DO NOT abort. you're wrong for that if you even dare think its a good idea. you're killing a complete innocent human being


let him adopt the baby. u can always see the baby when he grows instead of killing it, but if we're talking about me, id get an abortion so quick


Have an abortion You were stupid to get pregnant and don't even have a job or anything and no way to support the child