Elizabeth Or Madeline?? Suggestions?

We are expecting our 2nd daughter in April. We are thinking about that names Madeline or Elizabeth, what are your opinions on both names. We would like other suggestions as well just Incase there’s a name we didn’t think of. Thank you in advance Our oldest daughters name is Gabriella Rose if that helps in anyway way.


I'd chose Madeline over Elizabeth because Elizabeth is very common.


Madeline Amelia Violet Scarlet Victoria


Elizabeth is kinda boring. Bland. Madeline is pretty much the same Mariah Natalia Ayla Brielle Delaney Eden Rachel Laura Laurel Leilani Audrey Jocelyn Scarlett Keira Karina

Odins daughter

They're both classic, elegant and sensible. I'd pick Madeline because it's not as popular. Suggestions: Charlotte Alexandra Victoria Lucinda Sophia Adeline Emmeline Delilah


I prefer Elizabeth


Elizabeth is beautiful