Is Skyler a too feminine name for a boy?



I actually find it very masculine.

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No, Schuyler (classic Dutch spelling) is a male name.

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Fine name. The name Skyler or Skylar (/ˈskaɪlər/) is an Anglicized spelling of the surname and given names Schuyler and Schuylar. The spellings Skyler and Skylar came into fashion as either a masculine or feminine given name in the United States during the 1980s.




In olden times, Aristocrats name their sons Skyler but it was spelled differently.


I think it's more of a girl's name.


It started out as a boy's name.


No. It originated as a boy's name and still sounds like one. It's too masculine for a girl. And it's much better spelled Schuyler.


No, it is used on both genders. The Skyler spelling is actually more common on boys. I would stick with that spelling.


As long as it's not spelt Skyla, Skyler still does sound masculine yes. Just like Tyler or Tyla. :)


No, it isn't


Yep, go with Spike, Cant get any more boy then that

Kammy: no its a unisex name and a nice name for a boy

no its a unisex name and a nice name for a boy :)


There was an old TV program called Sky King. He was a pilot.

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Better to avoid.


To me it sounds very unisex so the name fits both genders to me.


It is a unisex name meaning scholar. It works for everyone. A big part that can help distinguish is how you spell it. Skyler is normally how you spell if for females. Skylar is normally how you spell for males. Also take into thought there are several male celebrities and people with the name Skylar. So, no it is not to girly.

u don't know me

i heard it on a boy but id use it for a girl




Yeah it does sound a bit feminine


It can be yes

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Skyler is a great unisex name. I think it suits both boys and girls! But if I had to chose, it would be for a girl. But if you want to name a boy Skyler, then go for it! It’s a good unisex name, unlike Ashley, Ashley is a banned male name. A boy with the name Skyler won’t get teased! I promise you!:)


Nope, name your kid whatever you want if it makes you happy and you think it fits for the child


I think Skyler is for a boy and Skylar is for a girl

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Skyler it’s a girly name that I can tolerate on a male, even when it’s spelled Skylar. Skyler suits both boys and girls, but it’s not too girly for a boy even though I desire the name for a girl.


So is his name going to make him gay? No.Is Baily too masculine for a girl? No. I think it is a fine name, except there are so many. Go to and look up how many. you might find another way to spell it or another name you like better.


It probably is now you mention it. Perhaps as a nickname ?




To me, yes, though I know male Skylers.