Prettiest baby girl name?

Please say your opinion on each name. Thank you in advance. Aurora Charlotte “Lottie” Callie Darcy Orla Summer


Charlotte Aurora Summer Callie Darcy Orla


Aurora - Awful Charlotte - Pretty & Cute Callie - Very cute Darcy - Its ok. Its not my favorite name Orla - Awful. Sorry Summer - I love Summer. Its very pretty

Anonymous: Aurora

Aurora : tongue twister of a name . Rory is a great nickname Charlotte : nice name on its own. Hate nickname Lottie Callie: I love it. It’s pretty Darcy: it’s okay. It’s kind of dated Orla: it’s ugly Summer: it’s pretty




I like Aurora and Darcy. Sallie is cute but maybe Calista or Calla.




Charlotte is a pretty name. Callie is my favorite out of your list above. Darcy I am not keen on. Orla I am not keen on. Summer is just okay.


Charlotte, Aurora

Meerkat Uno

Aurora is lovely as is Charlotte. I dislike Lottie. Callie and Darcie are cute. Orla is horrible and I dislike the use of seasons as names so Summer is out to me.

Anonymous: 1.Aurora

1.Aurora: sounds nice and reminds me of the aurora borealis 2.Charlotte (not Lottie tho) 3.Darcy; I think it’s a good name 4.Orla; sounds good? 5.Callie; tbh it sounds like a cats name or cauliflower to me 6.Summer: I don’t think you would want to name it a season


I think Darcy is the prettiest name.


None of those!!

rachel: My opinion of best to last

My opinion of best to last: Summer Aurora Charlotte Darcy Callie Lottie Orla


Summer is the prettiest AND easiest for people to spell