Am I a bad person for this?

I was bullied in the past, and I saw my elementary school bully, punched him in the face and broke his nose for what he did to me in the 3rd grade. Was I wrong for doing that.


If it was what I call a coward punch - as in you just walked up and punched him in the face without warning, explanation or the chance to defend himself - then yes. What was so terrible that you still hold a grudge from 3rd grade anyway?


It's not so much "does it make you a bad person" it's just that how you measure out to other people is how it will be measured back to you. Have mercy and you will be shown mercy. Show no mercy and neither will you be shown mercy. Show just a little mercy and you will be shown just a little mercy. So, have it your way. Whatever floats your boat.


As long as you told him first why he was getting punched, no.


If you had forgiven him, it wouldn’t have meant his actions were right. It would simply free you from all of your anger that you had towards him because of what he did. When you forgive someone, it isn’t so that they can feel better- it’s for you to feel better. I understand it must have been unbearable to be bullied like that and you had a lot of pent up anger but it is best to try and let it go so that you can get on with life. If this is too hard then you can talk to a counsellor about it and let out everything that is trapped in your mind. They are there to hear you out and can also suggest how to cope with your feelings and find solutions. I would at least try these first before punching him :)


It was certainly a wish of your soul. OK for you and OK for me. Have a nice day.


good job man big dick energy of the year award


Well, no. You did a good job! Don't ever consider it was wrong.