The wall stops people but ONLY where it's STANDING. CBP counts its apprehensions and those caught on camera they couldn't get to: 396,000...?

in 2018. But, where the walls are finished, they count far fewer...but ONLY WHERE the WALL is STANDING. QUESTIONS: Q1: Doesn't it make sense that, if we finish it, numbers will fall dramatically in areas they're crossing now? Q2: What the hell dumbAss nation looks the other way when 51,000 a month since October come from the same area of the world and stay in our country? And, no, the visa overstays are not coming from Latin America. Fewer than 50,000 total were counted among more than a million. Most were from Canada and Asian countries. .




Yes, Canada and Asian countries. They come in on visas and stay. A wall won't make any difference. You've contradicted yourself.