Why can’t rival fans admit Harry Kane is a world class soccer player?

He looked like a white R9 today. Chested the ball down from the keepers clearance like a white Drogba, then he took a masterful touch like a white Spanish player to send a beautiful ball over the top to Alli like a tall whiter Messi. What a brilliant soccer player he is and I think people just don’t want to admit he’s good because he’s white. He’s definitely better than Aubameyang at soccer that’s for sure. I can’t believe Liverpool and Arsenal fans call him overrated.


He’s way better than Salah but not as good as Hazard


Yes, we admit it.


His golden boots are the only thing in Spurs trophy cabinet


I couldn't tell you myself. I have this on copy&paste in case someone ever tries to claim he is not world class/overrated: Harry Kane has:  two Premier League golden boots  one world cup golden boot  captained England to their furthest World Cup run in 28 years  scored 21, 25, 29 & 30 PL goals in consecutive seasons  is Spurs 5th highest scorer in the Premier League era  broke Alan Shearer's record for PL goals in a calendar year  ALL before the age of 26  so no, he's not overrated


Kane is average compared to Lewandowsky and Muller of Bayern.


It took me a while to take to Harry Kane, or should I say appreciate the world class player that he is. My friend insists he's over-rated and I used to agree but there is no denying the man's quality. He's always improving too - with Sterling as well, England's future looks good. I wonder if he'll follow Poch to Old Trafford. (I'm a Liverpool fan)



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