Does my son see ghosts?

I picked my kids up early this morning from their father and I pull up at my house while unlocking my door my 6 year old is looking at my neighbors house just staring. I open my door and tell him to go in and as he Walks in he says mom did you see that little girl over there by the garbage can an I said I didn’t and he points and says right there I still see nothing. Then a bit later I’m driving him to school and he describes it as a little girl who is completely black and she tried walking over to him this morning but couldn’t because she was being prior to all this my deceased mother’s picture fell of my wall a few weeks back and wonder if there is something is she protecting him?


It's possible. Maybe he has an imaginary friend? Or maybe he is seeing a spirit


your son could have a gift


You never know what you're messing with, so I'd suggest you don't encourage your child to communicate with this 'completely black' being. I've heard so many stories of children and even adults being fooled into communicating with and giving power to evil entities who disguise themselves as children in need or loved ones. They want to draw you in. Don't fall for it. If it's a loved one, then they will simply be there and protect your son. There is no need to reach out and try and communicate with them.


I hope your son lives a short life and dies soon. Get cancer slut