Am I in the wrong?

My girlfriend has a 3 year old son and a 5 year old daughter, every night her son will stay up later than his mom and wake her up crying (I know it’s fake because I’ve seen him actually cry and I know when he fake cry’s) and his mom because she is tired allows him in our bed, I have no problem with that, but I’m Closter phobic and we have 4 dogs and us two on the bed already, so I will go to the couch, she gets mad every time, am I in the wrong?


So leave. They're her kids, she can decide where they sleep. Is it too much for me? Yup. So I'd leave.

Suzy Q

I think you're more accepting than I would be. Two adults, a kid and 4 dogs would be too much for any regular bed. Of course you feel like you don't have enough room - you actually objectively don't. Your girlfriend should be grateful that you simply retreat peacefully to the couch instead of complaining and arguing.


I don't think you're wrong at all. Tell her if she wants you in bed with her she needs to lose the zoo.


Nothing wrong with that.


Is closter phobic a thing? Tell her that you are claustrophobic instead, that's real. That might be more convincing. You know, not every mom would want her kids sleeping with the non-dad boy( I assume) friend. Expect a heap of trouble from the kids of women with whom you are living. Its too complicated a situation to be able to convince anyone that claustrophobia is the reason for vacating. And the reasons other than that are all of even more importance. Send a dog out, or is that a problem too? If that's what she gets to choose from, things may get more clear.


It may be time to have an honest conversation with your girlfriend about this chaotic sleeping arrangement. I don’t think anyone would get a good night's sleep with all those pets and people sleeping in the same bed. Maybe she could take her son back to his bedroom and lie down on his bed until he goes back to sleep, then return to your bed. There has to be a better solution than the one going on now. Take care, SM, Counselor Boys Town National Hotline 1-800-448-3000 What's your source?


Just leave if you don't like something.


You should learn how to spell claustrophobic before u try to diagnose yourself with it


No but if anyone is out it should the dogs first. If your girlfriend can't understand that at some point the bed gets too crowded for you to be able to sleep then she is being completely unreasonable.


Really? Why is the kid staying up so late? She needs to put him to bed before she goes to bed so he will be asleep when she lies down. Why are all those dogs on the bed? Make them get off. Now if the little kid got up in middle of the night scared sure let him sleep with you. But it doesnt need to be a habit. Everyone should have their own place to sleep. Including the dogs.


You need to talk to her. Ask her if you can put her son to bed. If she agrees. I learned this. Put him in his own bed. If he gets out say it’s bed time sweetie. Then the second time say it’s bed time. The third time and after nothing. It may be a while but it will work. We had to once for 2 hours once but it works and after a while he will stop

M.Shadows Girl

Your not. Just explain to her you want space in your bed. I know the feeling, my 2 year old son likes to sleep in my bed and I don't like it. Talking helps. Tell her it's time he gets in his bed so dad can get some rest.


Just leave if you don't like something.


you are wrong for boning a woman who already has kids