Liberals: Do you think illegal aliens should be able to get IN-STATE tuition Federal money for College and Universities?



Of course they do. They're liberals, remember? But only if recipients are not male and white.

pit bulls bite

yes if it means their votes


How would they even be able to apply without verifiable proof of residency? Ever think on that for two seconds? Illegal aliens attending American colleges for free or on scholarship is hardly a widespread problem. It's FAR more likely that a student would enter the US legally via student Visa, then neglect to have it extended by its expiration date, resulting in them technically being here illegally. As such they would risk deportation.


No. Of course not!


No. I think that is one of the things that needs to stop along with the corporations lobbying Congress for illegals to work and using work visas to keep them here. Lobbying is just bribing Congressmen to let them bring more in and half of the illegals here now came in on H-1B visas and didn't go home. Trump uses them himself for what he needs done here in the states. Most of his merchandise comes from offshore.


....when they should be incarcerated upon first contact?


liberals will say yes, everything should be free