Should level 7 people be required to have a college degree and a full-time job?



I’ve got both those. Level 7 means nothing. I don’t know why people go on about it? Just turn up ask/answer mostly stupid questions go to bed. It’s all completely pointless, although curiously enjoyable.


No there are many intelligent people without a degree or a full time job. But you can't generalize that way.


I'd settle for them being stripped of the ability to move other people's posts out of childish spite.

Armchair Goddess #1

Why? Verbal swordplay is done for fun, or to share the knowledge that comes from experience or research, or perhaps to educate on particular issues, as your respondents have done here. My college time included a double Psychology/Theater major at a prestigious Midwest university many years ago, but I continue to be a student of the Universe. How about you?


They are fairly clever, being able to manage a dozen sock accounts and more.


I do, thank you. I have also passed the Mensa test and persuaded the perfect woman to marry me.