Why don’t people gave jobs if they are so easy to find?

Even getting a job making pizzas Is hard


Could your grammar be holding you back?


is it difficult for you because you have a 7th grade education?


Many of the jobs that are open are part-time and minimum wage. Don't forget, if you've interviewed for a job, even though it's minimum wage, most places still go by appearance for their establishment and how they present themselves.


People are driving Ubers. Of course unemployment claims are low; they're turning the economy into a third world type person-to-person service economy. Except high-tech. You think the average Uber driver sees himself as an entrepreneur? No he gets it. He's a grunt. You know like Wal-Mart used to have ''associates''. Declaring all is good and fine in capitalland at all times is the basic propaganda of the United States. Is this really the best of all possible worlds?


Is this a question about gastric antral vascular ectasia or what?


If finding a job were easy we’d all be broke.