My 8 year old daughter s substitute teacher is bullying her?

Me and my husband have a beautiful daughter, who is very sweet and affectionate. Her teacher had gone on maternity leave the day she came back from break (which was last Wednesday), and was replaced by a woman who she described as "old and fat, and uses too much makeup". Well, this woman has been picking on her because me and my husband happen to be a gay couple. It truly sickens me that there are stills bigots like this. This woman has been harassing her at lunch by telling her to shut up (when an entire table that was being louder than her got away with it). She even learned TWO new words because of this fat c.unt; the teacher had called her out in front of the entire class because we are "disgusting pedophiliac f*ggots". Yesterday, she got beaten up because we re a gay couple, and the teacher didn t do anything about it, which disgusts me. What can I do to get this woman fired, and how can I get proof of her tormenting my child? Best answer gets 10 points.


In Trollsville, this is very common behavior.


So -- when the school nurse called you because she'd been beaten up and they were taking her to the hospital -- that wasn't proof enough? But sure -- trolls are always heterosexual.


You need to work on your storytelling skills sunshine.


And you beleive your lying child? Sh'es not being bullied. She doesn't like the new teacher and is acting out and doesn't want to do the work and is called out on it so she lies



Eugene Lynch

I would complain.

Katherine W

You need to go to the principal with this. Document what happened and on what days. Talk to the principal about why this isn't acceptable. Frankly, I would go and meet with the teacher as well. Let the teacher see you're a normal couple and that you want an education for your daughter. Also, sit in on a class or two. Let the teacher know that you're watching and involved. In most schools there are more than one class for each grade, so you can transfer your daughter as well.


A real parent would go to the school and file a complaint and also report the assault to the police.


If what you are saying is true, then you need to go into the school and speak to the headmaster/mistress and get it straightened out. I don't mean I don't believe you, I'm just saying you have to be absolutely sure before you make any sort of claim of this behaviour. I don't suggest your daughter is a liar at all, but children can fabricate or exaggerate. I think the goal of firing her is a bit extreme, if she can learn from her behaviour and learn to be more accepting then that's better than her losing her job and being scornful over it perhaps. Actually acquiring evidence in this situation is difficult. The only thing I can think of as a suggestion is to contact parents of other children in your daughters class, and perhaps then can attest to the teachers behaviour. This shouldn't happen for any reason, and needs to be sorted. Contact the school. Good luck.