Why do liberal beta males hate masculinity so much?



They figure that by kissing feminist butt, they'll get laid for a change. Got news for you, soy boys. While you're being all white knight and everything, the women you're after are getting laid a lot. By other women.


Not everyone can be an internet tough guy like you

Bea Awesome Smith

I don't know, and I cannot see what is attractive in those types of males. My husband is a blue collar, hard working, former Marine, plumber with a beard. He is all man and oh my word, all kinds of sexy. I like my manly man :)

Katherine W

Only true beta males use the expression "beta males." They may not look like it on the outside but they definitely feel that way on the inside. They use the expression about others to hide that they're really the beta males. It's one way you can tell a beta male, that he uses the expression beta males. Obvious sign.


To make you feel welcomed.

Integration 20

Penises are bad. Lolz

Common Sense

Because being expected to perform puts too much stress on them.


jealous ............................................

Justin Thyme

Oh stop. Nobody wants to hear that rubbish.