Is it possible that my 4 month old daughter said her first word?

I swear that my daughter said Mama yesterday and she's only four months old is that even possible

Trivial One

Babies make all kinds of sounds all the time. She may well have made a sound "mama", but she certainly didn't connect that sound to you as the name of a person. She wasn't talking--she was babbling.


probably not, but if you beleive it thats fine


It's completely normal for a 4 month old to babble a Mama sound. Doesn't make it an actual word she's saying consciously.


It's entirely possible the sound she made sounded like the word Mama but it wasn't her first word.




It's possible that she made the sound without knowing she made it.


yes my niece said her name ella at two months and two weeks it is wonderful you know she can hear keep on saying mama to her and mama loves you