My sons are 5 and 6 and they just ask where do babies come from any advice or tips please?



Answer them honestly, but with answers that are age appropriate. Don't over complicate your answers, that will just be confusing.


You give them the amount of information they can understand. If they want more, you give that to them at that time.

Suzy Q

Anything wrong with the truth? My sons are around that age. 6, and about to turn 5. They have been aware for quite some time that babies grow inside their mother's abdomen. And we simply answer other questions as they come up. So far we've covered the name of the organ the baby grows (though they keep forgetting 'uterus'), conception being the merging of the dad's sperm and the mum's egg cell (they haven't asked where the sperm cell comes from) and how the baby comes out of the abdomen (they don't seem sure they believe that part).


Tell them the truth and keep it simple. Because it is simple how babies are made.


Are you unaware of how they were conceived and grown so you are unable to tell them?


Maybe they are spending too much time on the internet .... Also take away the girls smartphones too .... hopefully it will help


Take them to the bath with you, and then explain some biology of the human body.


Tell them to mind their business and not to worry about adult life. They sound like spoiled, nosy brats


Tell them the man puts his penis in the womans vagina and moves it back and forward until sperm comes out of his penis and is deposited in the womans vagina. A practical demonstration would help their understanding