Need some help here 😫?

I have a daughter who is 4 months old. She’s a happy go lucky little girl but she thinks she has to be held all the time when I put her down in her cot for even a split second she starts to fuss when I pick her back up it’s stopped. I meet all her needs and check down the list to rule out possibilities of what could be wrong. Nothing at all. I know for a fact that she is spoiled since everyone (in the family of course.) carries her around till she goes to sleep and everything. She gets upset when she’s put down.Thats from being held too much don’t you Agee? My friend who just yesterday found out she was pregnant is acting like a baby expert she says that “they need to be held 24/7.” and that “babies her age can’t be spoiled.” I’m creating this post for answers from other parents so I can show that in fact she is wrong about what she said.What do you think? Should you hold babies 24/7? Can they be spoiled early in age?


You face a painful part of life. Toughening up Your kids. Girls are hyper emotional and I see Them as too big a burden to date or be with In most cases. Take her places and let her be By herself. Like fishing or walking outside on The beach or in the woods. Tell her she must Learn how to take care of herself and be self Reliant and self sufficient. Teach her to exercise And read and basic dietician stuff. It's time to Back off a little and make her accomplish something to get a hug. You may still hold her at Night before bed time. Or in the morning while Getting her ready to go out.

Andy C

Not likely as 'unspoiling' them is relatively easy. 4mo is old enough for cry-it-out and she can be left put down, and sooner done is easier done. At some point you'll have to put her down. If you wait until 12mo, it'll be difficult. Wait until 3yo and it'll be impossible.


Put her down & let her cry. She'll eventually get used to it. And the longer you wait, the longer we'll cry .......................