What are likelihood of mix race baby’s eyes changing colour?

So if mother of African descent (light skinned black) has a baby with a white English man (blonde with blue eyes) and the mix raced baby turns out to be also blonde with blue eyes, what are the chances of the baby’s hair and eyes darkening? Thanks


Depends if the mother has a recessive blue gene - if so, the baby's eyes can stay blue if she inherited it.


What does it matter? However, lots of babies are born with blue eyes that turn green or brown. I have pictures of myself as a baby with blue eyes, but now I am an adult they are really dark brown, almost black. So I think it is possible but as I say why does it matter?


Not sure but it really doesn't matter, your baby is going to be beautiful.


Many babies are born with blue eyes but the pigment in the eyes change. It doesn't even need to be a mixed race baby. It can happen to any baby of any ethnicity. You can never be sure of the eye color of your infant until the baby has reached two years old. At that point, their eye color should be permanent. In most cases, dark hair and dark eyes are dominant, so it is more likely that even if the baby was born with blue eyes, the eyes will very likely darken as they grow. Supporting information: https://www.livescience.com/13564-babies-eyes-start-blue-change-color.html


Blue eyes darken to a brown color if that person is eating an unhealthy diet. That eye color can turn back blue again if that person eats a healthy diet