Why does my baby fidget so much In his sleep?

Hi so basically my baby is 8 months old and has slept brilliantly since birth however recently he’s started to move around in his sleep. He rolls over in his sleep non stop and I end up having to put him in bed with me because due to this I get up every 5 mins to pat him back down after he’s decided to fuss in his sleep. Even when he’s in bed with me he starts at one end and ends up at another. This is very frustrating for me and I guess for him too even though technically he doesn’t wake up but If I don’t pat him he will wake himself up as he lifts his head up! He has the same routine nothing has changed and I make sure he is warm enough also.Does anyone else have or had this problem with their LO?


When he wakes up, he will learn to put himself back to sleep if you don't interact with him. If you want to sleep with him, that's fine, but if you don't, don't start it.


If my child started doing this, i'd just leave him in his own bed and see if he settles back to sleep in a few minutes before i did anything else. My kids didn't sleep with me at all when they were that young. Kids need to learn that bedtime is time to be independent. Plus, i don't want my kid to think i cant do anything without him, even sleep. When we have babies, we do lose sleep. It happens.


He's learning a new skill (moving around on his own). He'll get through it.

Coach Simon

There are plenty of parenting books out there!


Leave him alone if he's sleeping good grief


You're getting into a vicious circle. If you had left him alone in the beginning, he would probably do that for a while and then stop, but now that you have started patting him because of this, he fidgets now expecting you to pat him. If he is not waking up, and is not doing himself harm, let him go. He will move on from this when he is ready.