When should you take a baby to church?

My baby is 4 months old ,I am not ready but is she . She is healthy


whenever you want to, ive seen babies conne to church when they were days old


Call the church and find out what facilities they have for mothers that need to feed or change their babies on a moment's notice. The church may have a nursery for you to leave the baby for that hour or two you'll be in service. There's no reason to miss church as long as you are prepared to tend to baby's needs without disrupting others around you.

Suzy Q

Whenever YOU feel ready. For a healthy baby it's fine to go to church at any age. Surely you've been having visitors? And going outside with baby, even if only to get groceries? I'm not saying you should pass her around in a crowd of coughing people, but in general babies don't need to be kept in quarantine.