Will my period stop/go away if I increase how often I breastfeed?

My baby was born in November and I was exclusively breastfeeding until late December/early-mid January. I got really sick and was too exhausted to beastfeed or pump as often as I did (every 3-4 hours), so I would supplement formula. Well, I’m better now and I’ve been drinking Mother’s Milk and taking Funugreek supplements to bring it back up and pumping 3-4 hours, but this morning I woke with a period. I’ve read that ovulating and a few days into your period, your supply can decrease. That’s really frustrating because I go back to work in a week and I want to exclusively breastfeed without having a period mess with my supply. Also, I will like to enjoy a few more months period-free. So, my question, is there any way to increase milk supply so my period doesn’t effect how much I pump? Or, ideally, is there anyway to stop my period again even though it came back?


So far, the only ways to stop menstruation have been: 1) The Pill; 2) Pregnancy; or 3) Radical surgery. If anybody ever discovered an easier way to do it, that person would be a billionaire overnight.