How often do "Male Identifying" Liberals menstruate?


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You ask a lot of questions about Liberal males on here? hmmm! Is someone curious?

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Why do you need to know this? I hope you realize you shouldn't worry so much. If a male is identifying as a female, she can't get pregnant. So you're safe.


High level intellect here.


Why? Are you menopausal?


Honest answer to a troll question -- if you're referring to a transman, it depends on if he still has his original female reproductive hormones, and if he's on androgen therapy or not. If he's had a hysterectomy or a uterine ablation then he physically can't menstruate. If he's on hormone therapy, the androgens suppress ovulation as well as building of endometrial lining, so *most* transmen will not ovulate or menstruate. Among those handful of "pregnant men" you've probably heard about, most became pregnant intentionally by stopping androgen therapy.


Why do you ask this so often? Same as last time: "male identifying" may be biologically male or female. The biologically female ones menstruate about once a month as long as they are of the right age. The biologically male ones never do.


Dude, they aren't worth putting this much thought into. Besides, hurting their feelings isn't going to help the United States in the long run.