What age do you think is too old to become a first time mom?




John P

In general, very late 30s. But in that sort of matter there is no "in general". Mother Nature usually calls time in a woman's 40s, by bringing on the menopause.


It doesn't matter what I think the oldest mom to naturally get pregnant was in her laƄe 50s look up Dawn Brooke.

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anything over 45


For me? I was 24 when I first became a mom. 42 the last time I did. There wasn't a "too old" time, if we hadn't gotten pregnant in my 20s, I would've kept trying in my 30s, and so on. For other women? I'm not naive or self-centered enough to think I have input on that.


Personally - for me - 30. I wanted my children to be adults by the time I reach the age of 50. For anyone else - that is their business. Their life goals may not match my life goals.