Why are pro-vaxers so concerned about people getting vaccines when most people lose immunity over a few years anyway?

Most vaccines, you only get once in your life. During my studies in university, I went for a serology and the results showed that I'd lost immunity to almost all vaccines I took growing up (ones that didn't require follow-up shots). So if most adults have lost immunity, then why is there such a huge push to have these shots that end up ineffective anyway?


Surely you don't mean you'd lost immunity to vaccines, but the diseases you'd been vaccinated against...


Because the herd immunity drops and then these diseases start to occur much more often throughout the population


Children's immune systems aren't as strong... I mean adding on to that it only takes one un-vaccinated child to infect multiple people without vaccinations and re-start an epidemic such as Polio. Unless vaccines give you an allergic reaction there's really no reason not to get them. (You re immunize yourself every few years)


you don't understand the difference between "most people" and "just you yourself"?


That’s not true, most vaccines only affect children or are taken yearly. We have common sense and have the support of all medical science behind us but you have actors and conspiracy theorist. Also the toxic metals are pretty much non existent in vaccines as compared to cheese and other things everyone eats.

Simpson G.

You get “most vaccines only once in your life”? Flu is annual. Tdap and MMR you get as an adult. In fact, here’s the vaccine schedule for adults. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/imz/adult.html Children have underdeveloped immune systems. Vaccines prevent things like the measles, which can turn deadly fairly quickly. Polio was eradicated because of vaccinations.


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