Will plan b effect minipill?

I'm currently on the minipill and took plan b because I was paranoid. Will plan b effect the minipill I'm on?


PlanB is a huge dose of the SAME hormones that are in the mini-pill. So it will likely give you a lot of hormone-related side effects, but won't cancel out your pills. You are clearly NOT ready for sex. So stop having it.


You need to speak to your doctor or pharmacist about this. Plan B is a heavy dose of hormones, and it's important to find out how you should be taking the other pills. Your system is going to be off balance for a few months now.


The mini-pill is a birth control pill. You're NEVER to take Plan B when you're on birth control pills. (A) You don't need Plan B - you're on birth control pills.(B) The hormones in Plan B, when taken on top of the hormones in birth control pills, can completely mess up the birth control pill's "pill cycle".

Jackie M

Yes it will, mini pill must be taken same time every day as it only works for 24 hours by thickens the lining of the womb to prevent the egg from implanting there