You were dead before your birth and became alive. Why then do you say you will not become alive again after you die this time?


ANDRE L: Your Biology Mark

Your Biology Mark: F-

Corvus Blackthorne

I was not dead, I merely did not exist.


Who knows what your status was prior to birth? How can you prove it or even show it once? Were you afraid before you were born? Were you going to change to another form and were upset that it was heaven or hell? How could you find out? Did you exist before the sperm and egg united? How do you know? How do you not know? I don't know and don't know how anyone could know. And that is how I think about ending this life and going to the next one, if there is one. Prove it. And why be afraid if you have no control at all over the process? Just do this one as well as you can and the next one as well.


I've thought about that too.