22 year old girl dating 17 year old guy??? Is it weird?

Well he told me he was 20 when we met but he just told me he’s actually 17. But I really like him and he looks and acts older than 17.. he’s like a foot taller than me and is really mature. is this age difference weird?

Ronald Cunningham

Jail time for you when his parents find out.


I think it's weird. What do his parents say ?


I dont see the big deal you seem like you're immature for your age and it's only 5 years between you. When I was 17 I dated a 26 year old (but he had severe learning disabilities anr anger problems. He was VERY immature). I'm nearly 25 and my boyfriend is 7 years older than me. Just make sure hr wears a condom so you don't wind up pregnant with his baby I seriously doubt he wants a baby and you should live your life first.


That's a big age gap regardless of which one is younger. I have met some teenagers who are more mature than kids their age are expected to be, so it's not impossible, but with that big of an age difference and him still being a minor you and he would need to tread VERY carefully, take things VERY slow, and only proceed if his parents are aware you're dating and approve of the relationship. I'd also highly suggest looking up consent laws in your state, since he may not be legally able to consent to sex as a 17 year old. Depends on the state. Where I live he could, but only if he is no more than 59 months younger than you (aka, less than 5 years).


This grown WOMAN should not be dating if she can not find herself a grown man rather than a teenaged boy facts!


in some states that's illegal


Yes and have her boyfriend arrested.