Should parents be able to spank their children yes or no? I want I want to hear others opinions is that a form of abusive?

“No one can rightfully claim to be loving when behaving in a abusive way to their children”.

The Oracle of Omigod

I was spanked when needed as a child and I certainly didn't ever think I was being abused. On the contrary, I deserved every smack I got.


There is a world of difference between spanking and beating. A spanking is sometimes the only way to get a child's attention.


Newsflash...All children are not created equally. Just because one child may respond to a timeout, does not mean another child will. Some may need a spanking to achieve the same result. I was spanked only once as a child and I didn't spank my children...but then again, I didn't have to. There are many ways to be a good parent.

Rick B

Of course parents should be able to spank their children.


I don't think spankings work, and the main reason that this sort of punishment is frowned upon is that some children have been direly injured because of brutal force... I used to tell my kids to sit at the kitchen table. Then i'd leave the room for about 10-20 minutes after telling them to think about what's just happened. After that, i'd go back and talk to them about whatever it was, and ask them why they feel they did whatever it was, and how they'd prevent it from happening again. Usually, i didn't get much of a response, but that's ok.... then i told them what their punishment would be, if anything at all. My kids are adults with families of their own now. My younger son recently told me he wished i'd just have spanked him and gotten it over with because he dreaded the kitchen table conversations. I found that amusing because i never screamed and yelled... i know kids do things they shouldn't at times. And when they were really young, i just gave them a time out. I did give them a smack on the butt once in a blue moon, but it wasn't hard and with a diaper on? They didn't feel a thing. And they both lived.


No you don't. If you did you wouldn't ask this question anonymously. You want to agree with the parent who thinks spanking is abuse. And that is exactly what you will do.