Do you think it's important to invest in children's lives so they can have a good adult life?

Some parents make their kids feel they owe them for everything and have to pay back everything they do for them even if it's not a lot. But wouldn't you want to invest into your children's lives especially during their teens when that's usually the time teens get into trouble. Wouldn't you want to invest into hobbies they can have so they don't end up in the wrong crowd and become drug addicts? How come some parents simply don't care!!!??

Katherine W

You sound like a teen who can't get what you want. Your parents may care but may not have the money. Or they may have been burned by investing in previous hobbies that you then dropped. Or they may not believe you'll keep up with it. Just because the parents don't support a hobby doesn't mean the kid is going to become a drug addict. If I were the kid, I'd figure out a cheaper hobby or something I can do without having to get my parents to invest in it.