Which parent is in the wrong?

Background: -Parent A pays 450 a month child support. Has the child Thursday night to Sunday morning. -Parent B receives child support & recently lost a job. Has the child Sunday morning through Thursday evening. Parent B wants the child to be able to see both parents interacting. So Parent B is willing to put aside the harassment from Parent A in order for their child to see them interacting. Parent A states that until child support is dropped they wont "co-parent" and let the child see the two interacting. Parent B [wanting what s best for the child] is willing to drop support to 275 a month until they get a job, then down to 175 a month once they find a job. Parent A refuses to show the child that the parents can interact and won t until Parent B fully drops support. ** I m not asking for "you both are horrible parents" comments. I am just trying to get an opinion of who is really trying to coparent in hopes it opens the eyes.


Parent B is a dimwit if he/she thinks that caving in to Parent A's blackmailing tactics will improve the situation. The child in this situation is entitled to financial support from BOTH parents. By agreeing to a lower amount of child support than that ordered by the court, Parent B is fvcking the child over. Parent B needs to stop being a doormat and stand up for the child's rights. If Parent A is going to react to this by throwing a little toddler tantrum, then so be it.


Is Parent A the higher earner, even when Parent B is employed? If so, Parent A is being petty. $450 a month in child expenses is minimal, and if the parents were still together Parent A would probably be contributing a lot more than that. If the parents' earnings are equal (when Parent B is employed) but Parent A objects to paying anything, then they should push for an alteration in physical custody so that they have their child exactly 50% of the time.

John P

Without knowing the full circumstances by actual observation it is impossible to "lay blame" one way or the other.


Parent B thinks that having the child watch parental interactions even if they are negative are in the best interest of the child? And Parent A thinks that blackmailing the other parent rather than being concerned about whether or not their child has food on the table every night is more important? Both sound like they need some parenting classes. Parent B is too convinced that they know what is right or best, and parent A is trying to manipulate and take advantage of the situation. Neither is trying to coparent, both are looking out for their own interests.


One parent doesn’t have the child’s best interest in mind. I’m not sure which one but something isn’t right here


I hate my mom and dad


Neither is wrong. They have different views. If Parent A doesn't want to interact, Parent A should not be forced to do so. Parent B is fine to ask, but pushing it would be overkill.

Pearl L

i dont think any of thenn are in the wrong, it sounds like a good idea to nne