What do your kids call their grandparents if they are divorced and one remarried?

My boyfriend and I are planning on having kids sometime. His parents are divorced and his mom remarried. When we have kids what do they call his parents and step dad?


My biological grandparents were always grandma/grandpa, but my grandmothers husband was always his first name. Why don't you wait until you are actually pregnant to discuss this with your boyfriend's family?

Beverly S

My grandkids call my hubby (my 2nd marriage) Grandpa Jack. Sometimes they call me Gramma Jack lol!

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grandma and grandpa


I know you have already picked best answer. I just want to share my opinion on this topic. What does you boyfriend call his step-dad - does he have a good enough relationship with him to actually call him "dad" or does he call him by his name? If your boyfriend has a good relationship with his step dad, then there is nothing wrong with the children learning to call him "grandpa" or whatever term you use in your area. If your BF doesn't have a good relationship with the step-dad, then it is also fine to just call him by his name. Your BF and his family are the ones who need to decide what they are comfortable with in this situation. One other thing to remember, young children don't understand divorce and second marriages and biological relationships until they reach the age of around six or seven. (or even a little older) Even then, they may not fully understand it unless their own parents are spitting up or divorcing. It is a concept that they learn over time.


Why are you worrying about this NOW? You need to wait until you're MARRIED and expecting a baby with your boyfriend before you start worrying about what the child will call his parents and grandparents.


Nanny and grandad, or what ever the terminology is in your part if the world.