Um is this normal?

My parents never talked to me about anything. My mom never talked me about periods, sex, std's, drugs.. nothing. She shamed me a few times when I entered high school I wanted to wear a skirt she called me a "$lut" and I had no idea what that was, I just knew her tone of voice didn't sound good. My mom didn't even take me to doctors growing up. Only for herself and one time I fell really bad and begged her to take me she screamed at me the whole way saying I'm stupid for hurting myself. Now I look back and wonder how i'm still alive after such poor parenting. I have had to raise myself and learn these things from the internet !!! It's hard for me to look my parents in the eyes and feel any love for them for such disregard they have had for me!

Katherine W

No, it's not normal. Your mother sounds mentally ill. The good thing is that you're out and you get to live the life you want.


Most parents are deficient in some ways. At least they didn't hit you. Mine did with belts. It's not you, they're just lazy and/or too busy with work.


My parents took me to the doctor when i dislocated my leg. I was 7. I used to get bronchitis every winter. I go to the doctor for that. In Canada, doctors are cheap to see (free) so it’s no big deal like we can’t afford it


no, tell them you want foster parents who will raise you right.