What happens to the babies less than 1 year old after C.P.S takes them away?

I have been reading/watching stories about children being taken away from Cps and its been bothering me that they may never be seen again. Do most of these parents get there children back and have a good ending? Im young and dont have children or plan to have any, but I still find myself mourning and worrying about those who are victims and do have children. Are there any words of hope or comfort someone can say.


Babies who are 'taken away' either go into foster care or are placed with a close relative. The birth parents usually get regular visitation and contact, and work with the social workers to learn what they need to do to get the child back. CPS is not the gestapo. They don't take children away and hide them.


Foster families take them in. Some end up adopting them. DO NOT be cranking out offspring if you do not have the money/ability to take care of them and raise them properly.


They are placed in foster care until the parents are able to regain custody.


When CPS removes an infant or a young child from the parents' home, it's because of the parents' behavior and/or neglect. The child is placed into a foster home with foster parents or with relatives who will care for him. Most of the time, the child is ultimately returned to the parents - unless the parents have physically abused him, or are continuously strung out on drugs, or some such. In that case, the child will continue to remain in a foster home until the parents clean up their act.


It all depends on how fit the parnet becomes.


I actually know someone who had their six month old baby taken. The woman was given information and instructions on what she had to do to prove she was willing and able to straighten out her life. She had six months to complete the steps ordered by the court and her baby would have been returned to her. (she would have had visits from CPS on a regular basis to check on the child - but she would have had her child back) However, this woman was also bipolar (undiagnosed at the time) and was not able to complete the tasks that had been ordered by the court. CPS kept her child and the child was put up for adoption. Fast forward - several years later. The woman finally was diagnosed and had treatment for her bipolar condition. She had married and had more children that she kept and raised herself. The child that she lost to CPS and adoption was now an adult and actually went searching for her. He found her and they actually have a good relationship now. I know this because it happened to my niece.


depends on the situation, sonne nnight get thenn back while others wont, sonne nnight go into foster care while others get adopted