I'm a 18 year old senior in High school I'm rude and disrespectful . I just don't understand why my parents haven't kick me out yet. I?

Thought parents obligation end on a child 18th birthday. I'm no longer a minor so why do they not kick me out. You see i want to be kick out because i want to drop out High school. My high school I'm not allowed because i don't have a good enough reason. So anyway I know i got 5 months until i graduated. But 5 month is a long time .


They will, the day after graduation.


You have 5 months, this is 2019, no matter what you do you need to have a high school diploma. Be nicer to your parents and just try to get through the next 5 months. Believe me I hated school just as much as you do, but once you get to the adult world it will for sure be worth it, but with that said you well need your parents help with a lot of things when becoming an adult, so just try to push through it the best way you can and make the best of it. It'll be worth it in the end. Getting kicked out is not a wise idea, it's not very easy to make ends met on your own. You got this, keep your head held high, and just remember everything that seemed so important in high school means nothing in the adult world. You got this!


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There could be multiple reasons they don't kick you out. Depending upon where you live you might still be a minor even though you are eighteen. In some states, you have to be eighteen and have finished high school to be considered no longer a minor.


I haven't kicked my son out yet - and he's 31 and has graduated not only high school but university also! (He's currently writing a novel, of which 700+ pages have been already completed.) +++++