I'm a 17 year old junior in High school. My parents don't allow me to do or have anything. They don't allowed me to go out by myself. They?

Don't allowed me to have a phobe laptop or tablet or i pod or even a flip phone. They don't allowed me to have friends. They go i will allow when I'm 18. But because I'm a minor i have to listened and dp what they say. They go i can get A phone when I'm 18 but i have to pay for it. They go i can have friends when i turn 18. They go i can go outside by myself and visit relative family and friends or whatever when i turn 18. My life sucks. Right now I'm on my cousin phone he 14. I'm his bedroom. He letting me use this phone and ask this question. My parents are in the living room. So anyway please help i don't know what to do. I don't want to wait until I'm 18. I need help give me advise please.


No electronics yet you are on the internet on a Saturday. What a tall tale.


That is good discipline some what, I tend to disagree on that you aren't allowed to go out for yourself at 17, but I like the strictness in your parents parenting. Many kids are spoiled today, and you gonna appreciate your parents for doing this to you one day.

Concerned Dad

Your parents have that right. You are a minor and have to live with it. You aren't being denied life essentials or being abused. You have survived 17 years and will survive 1 more without those material things, at which point you'll be an adult and can get your own job, own place, own phone, own stuff.