Should I wait until my parents are in a bad mood to tell them?

got a 40% on a test because I didn't even read the book so I'm surprised I got that. My parents are always arguing so I think I should use that to my advantage and tell therm they need to sign my test when they are yelling at each other. My theory is they are so mad at each other, my test will seem insignificant to them.


No - I think not. Their anger would simply be diverted from each other onto YOU.

Jackie M

No as that will make it worse, speak to mum when she is alone and calm. Good Luck


That ought to make it worse. Start reading your books. If you don't, you will end up agitated and yelling at other people, too. Set yourself up, to win. I would suggest deciding which person will be most willing to listen to you. Then, find out from your teacher, what you need to do in order to improve your grade in the class. Write all this down, present it to your parent(s), and follow through. Life is much easier with a plan. Learn to make plans and use those to your advantage, rather than using lack of planning to everyone's disadvantage. Note to self: When people are upset, everything seems worse, especially the ability of one's children to do their homework or testing.


exploiting a situation, that is gangster!